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Mahabalipuram Tour Packages

Located in the Kanchipuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, Mahabalipuram, located on the Coromandel Coast alongside the Bay of Bengal, is a 7th century seaport that flourished in the reign of the Pallava dynasty. It was the 2nd capital of the Pallava dynasty.

The place was named after an ancient king Mahabali who was famous for noble alms-deed. After Lord Indra killed his father by unfaithful measures, he performed Ashwa Medha Yagya and dethroned Indra from his position. At this very location, Lord Vaman approached Bali and asked to grant him a portion of land that he could cover in just three steps. Vamana grew to an immense size and covered heaven, earth and underworld in his three steps.

During the reign of Pallavas, new architectural styles were established and as a result, numerous rock-cut cave temples were built here in reverence to different deities. Some important structures in this place are Thirukadalmallai, Descent of the Ganges, Varaha Cave temple, Shore temple and Pancha Rathas. The place is also famous for its breathtaking beaches sprinkled with shimmering white sands and casuarinas trees. The local shops nearby the beach is good for purchasing handicraft and souvenir items.

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Tamil Nadu Temple Tour

Chennai - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry - Thanjavur - Trichy - Madurai - Chennai

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South India Temple Tour

Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry - Swamimalai - Tanjore - Madurai

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