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Plan a Temple tour in India. Here are complete details about pilgrimage like Durga Temples in India, Shiva Temples in India and Cave Temples in India.

Most Famous Durga Temples in India

One of the most revered goddesses in Hinduism, Mata Durga is cherished as all over India as protector of devotees and the destroyer of evils. India is dispersed with thousands of temples dedicated to Goddess Durga, having unique histories and each dedicated to some age-old tradition. In this blog we present some of the most..

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Most Famous Shiva Temples in India

In this article, we describe the most famous Shiva Temples in India. In addition to being important pilgrimage destinations, these temples are a great source of spiritual comfort and transcendental bliss. With the thought of Lord Shiva in mind, read about popular shiva temples to find a source of inspiration for your next visit.