Human life largely depends on success and failure. Apart from one’s efforts, there are a number of factors that show their direct or indirect effect on one’s success. However, if you wish to achieve success and bring positivity in your life, opt for Mantras For Success. These Mantras (sacred chants) boost your confidence to find successful easily in life as they are source of power. One just needs to pick the appropriate Mantra, recite it to fight all adversities and gain positive energy for success.


                                                          Meaning – I pray to Lord Ganesha.


Meaning – Having the impression of Lord Ram, I am entering in the city for doing my work. May all my works and wishes get complete.


Meaning – When Goddess Sita felt that Great Mother Gauri is in her favour she became very happy and good omens started happening.


Meaning – O Lord! I am being a coward and am confused. I am not in a state of deciding anything. I am asking you to tell me what is good for me. I am your disciple, take me under shelter of your grace.


Meaning – O lord! I am your devotee. I don’t know what to do. So do at once, whatever is good for me.


Meaning – O Lord! You are the mightiest of the mighty. Free me from the bondages and the great danger I am facing.


Meaning – All the world is being made happy by your great powers and fame O Lord! All the sages are paying respect to you. And all the bad and evil powers are running away, being afraid of you.

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